Imos AG is an international leading company, software producer for furniture and interior design.
We developed step by step the improvement of the company’s image through a strategy of brand architecture and communication, highlighting the technology and innovation’s aspects, which best represented Imos identity.

Project: Headquarter Showroom, 150 sqm (Herford, 2018)
In Imos “iXperience center” project we designed such an iconic space that technologies were protagonists, presenting innovative scenarios of furniture production.

Imos created a software, a space of virtual reality, which became one of the exhibition’s key elements. We designed the interior architecture of these virtual spaces, two different styles of a villa, and their parallel storyboards, allowing the visitor to live an interactive unique experience.

Project: Exhibition Architecture, 300sqm (Ligna, Hannover 2017-2019)
We conceived these exhibition architectures by reinforcing Imos image and focusing on its advantages in the various projects year after year. The calibrate use of the spaces, connected to graphic elements and multimedia contents, was able to create a dynamic atmosphere that attracted the visitor.
This design approach could highlight the potential of the company through the architecture; meanwhile it aimed to an improvement of some existing solutions. Therefore, these different experiences became the guidelines that Imos followed in its different exhibition architectures worldwide.