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HC28 "Evolution of a product FAMILY"


The evolution of a single product into a design collection, comes from a precise and coherent process.
“Erika” collection for HC28, is an excellent example of this situation. The appreciation by the market of our first products, inspired us to continuously strengthen and implement it, developing a consequent new set of products.

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The challenge was to design different and independent pieces that can be recognizable as a unique family, without losing their own identity.

The distinctive outline of the chair’s armrest is reinterpreted with a gentle and harmonic curve, developed for beds and sofas, like a floating wing that wraps and embraces you.

The recognizable feature of the special wooden leg makes a step forward, looking to new technologies and materials representative of high-level industrial design.

The versatile corner feet in diecasting aluminium derives from this approach. We could recall the typical “Erika” style in a more delicate and thin way, providing to products a floating sensation and lightness.

Bookless for Interlübke: Furnishing the future


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How do lifestyle changes affect home design?
In the past there were wall units and cabinets, huge and heavy bookcases, storage customized furniture.
Then Bookless changed the vision of living rooms.

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Interlübke doesn’t need any presentation: for over 80 years they have been providing high quality design furniture handmade in Germany, they founded their way of working to create minimal designs without compromise.
In 2012 they launched in the market our original concept for a new way of living: “Bookless”, an innovative system which has received in 2012 Interior Innovation Award – Best of Best.

As shelving which is accessible from both sides, bookless divides rooms while elegantly joining them together at the same time. Different applications were designed, as wall-mounted or free-standing shelving, running on rails or fixed firmly in place. Wall-mounted modules can be effectively accentuated with LED back-ground lighting.

As a new interpretation of the showcase as “type case” for your personal, special things, “Bookless” was its time ahead, anyway, strongly influencing the modern furniture industry.

These changing topics have been confirmed in the last years and are still relevant.
After years, we think it’s time to look at Bookless in a new perspective, responding the current requests of the furniture market.

Missoni Jellybean

Missoni: Jellybean


CONCEPTS for FASHION home collection

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Missoni Home is a global brand in lifestyle proposals for home and outdoors decorating and furnishing elements.

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Jellybean is a chaise-longue, rather playful and brave, than industrial or commercial. A furniture piece for luxury home experiences, distinguished by a sinuous shape that invites to relax in gentle movements.

René Chyba first presented this seating for his design degree. 2000 he received in Germany the Bavarian State Prize for Young Designers. 2006 this concept was exhibited in Milan during FuoriSalone at Superstudio Più. 2007 MissoniHome introduced the Jellybean chaise-longue into their home furnishings collection as a limited edition.

This is an unconventional project which inspires to follow different ways to find beauty in things that require more courage, FREEDOM and spontaneity.


HC28: “When ordinary objects become extraordinary”


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HC28 from Beijing goes its own way
The company is now one of the most recognized design brands in China.
It achieved a strong influence on the Chinese market for its contemporary design home furniture, characterized by western influences, in a modern-traditional approach.
HC28 opened its first stores in Beijing and Paris in 2007; In 2016 we began our collaboration.

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CIFF Furniture Fair Shanghai, September 2020

HC28 launched to the market CHYBA AND PARTNERS’ last collections, beginning of September 2020, at CIFF Furniture Fair in Shanghai: We’ve created a new seating & tables collection with harmoniously coordinated, soft lines with characteristic details. Not a single piece, but a complete collection, developed individually, but related together with a recognizable identity.

Seating collection “ERIKA”

We designed the comfortable “Erika” seat-series, with its unique, delicate, flying armrest.
The ergonomic, soft upholstered shell inside stands in contrast to the harder external surface.
Inside the seats are a gentle hug, sustained by sharp outlines with a sharper materiality.
Three-dimensional curves of the armrest and backrest are characterized by a soft transition, giving this object an inviting, harmonious appearance.

Table series “OSKAR”

“Oskar” table collection connects an oriental allure in a European modern as well as traditional style. The defining element is the table frame structure: the particular table legs are positioned visibly on the corners, into which the various table tops gently insert.
The solid wood structure gives the table its stable hold on one side, with selectively conical and rounded shapes: Lightness and elegance.