A residential project is the answer to the most refined wishes of the customers.
We design tailor-made solutions that reflect their personality and lifestyle, for daily relaxing as well as socializing moments. A luxury home becomes a sophisticated space for a classy but comfortable living.


Our peculiar design approach is balancing Italian aesthetic sensibility with high-level functionality, combining carefully selected materials and finishes, in a modern and clean way, creating a stylish atmosphere and exclusive elegance.


Beside our profound passion, we put a particular attention to a harmonious relationship between interior design and the surrounding architectural structure, to create the comfortable atmosphere that the client needs in a hotel. The spaces are efficient, charming, surprising and inviting

Our holistic and integrated solutions in a high-level aesthetic quality and functional excellence are tasteful interiors which evoke new luxury concepts: elegant, contemporary, but timeless, aspiring to longevity in style and function.


“Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love.” Louis Kahn

Eclectic is the adjective that best defines our approach to HORECA projects. We provide design solutions that respond to the new functionality and conviviality needs.
Our focus is to create new strategies for food experiences, designing spaces that can be used in a flexible way, as show cooking and events. Living the kitchen is giving expression to personal habits and feelings, and precisely, food is intended as cultural and emotional experience.