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Homag is a world leader in the production of HIGH-TECH machines and systems in the integrated software solutions for the industrial and craft production, in the woodworking sector. A group of primary importance at international level.

A significant change of the industrial vision. A new business strategy to be told, also experiencing the spaces.
This is the ambitious challenge, that such a global player like Homag threw to us in 2017. We dealt with it in our approach made of creative consulting and design, passion and research, style and concreteness.

In this way, an integrated project has been developed, made of numerous pieces that, together, created a new image of the company. Our contribution brought to a visible business change.

Many projects, one thought.

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“Eternity has always been and is even now supported by a circle. Because both have no beginning and have no end.”

We developed the Strategic outline of a new Homag image using the CIRCLE symbolism to give a change of perspective and a new shape to all following projects: this comes from the analog identity of Homag, the section of the trunk, but reaches a new level of perception becoming a digital sign.

This symbolism can be applied on various aspects of Homag company philosophy. The circle shape has an enormous magnetic force, because it attracts the eyes of the spectators, is very effective in highlighting important concepts and is often associated with future themes, as Circular Economy, Circular Business, Productive Process 4.0, Ecology.

This reflects the new structure of Homag, from the business units to the organization concept.


We took care of the three-dimensional spaces so as to return the portrait of the new Homag: from HARDWARE to DIGITAL/TECHNOLOGICAL solutions.
We designed and implemented the strategy to tell the image of Homag through its different brand spaces.

Ligna Fair 2017, 800 sqm
Holz-Handwerk 2018, 2500 sqm
Xylexpo Milan 2018, 1610 sqm
WMF Shanghai Fair 2018, 1000 smq
Ligna Fair 2019, 7500 sqm


We planned the architecture of the Innovation Center, a space inside the “Ligna” Fair (2017).

Renewal consists here in presenting their technological innovation not using the exposed machineries, but only through a path made of dedicated spaces that, thanks to transparent displays and holograms, are able to bring the attention to the single machinery itself. In this way the emotions have the freedom to absorb all information about the new technologies of Homag.

No longer simple containers for machineries for sale, but new spaces that become an emotional story of Homag’s new business strategy.

The structure proposed for the Innovation Center gives also the possibility of being reused by modulating the components. Such a feature is advantageous from the point of view of the investment and will become a real format to be used depending on communication needs.

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We accompanied the projects on the brand spaces with the creation of digital tools and videos, to virtually let visitors into the Homag Smart Factory, providing support to orient themselves in the world of Homag software and adding substance to the new way of conceiving architectural spaces.

We supported the projects of Brand Spaces with a strategic vision to express the perception of an innovative company, immersed in the digital world.


We redesigned the layout of the showrooms and stands for trade fairs.
We designed the guidelines to be followed internationally, implementing some concepts such as the “media tower”, to tell Homag in a more emotional way.


Homag China, Shanghai headquarters
While Homag general project was taking shape, we began the interior design of Homag’s new headquarters in Shanghai: a large project developed on two floors of 2200 square meters each, designed with criteria of flexibility and functionality.

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At the Ligna fair in 2019 we applied the synthesis of the path we carried out with Homag up to that point, making more and more evident an architecture of a rather emotional impact than coldly technical, also through the use of new technologies, in order to continue to tell in a digital way the technological and innovative development of Homag.