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How do lifestyle changes affect home design?
In the past there were wall units and cabinets, huge and heavy bookcases, storage customized furniture.
Then Bookless changed the vision of living rooms.

Discover the project

Interlübke doesn’t need any presentation: for over 80 years they have been providing high quality design furniture handmade in Germany, they founded their way of working to create minimal designs without compromise.
In 2012 they launched in the market our original concept for a new way of living: “Bookless”, an innovative system which has received in 2012 Interior Innovation Award – Best of Best.

As shelving which is accessible from both sides, bookless divides rooms while elegantly joining them together at the same time. Different applications were designed, as wall-mounted or free-standing shelving, running on rails or fixed firmly in place. Wall-mounted modules can be effectively accentuated with LED back-ground lighting.

As a new interpretation of the showcase as “type case” for your personal, special things, “Bookless” was its time ahead, anyway, strongly influencing the modern furniture industry.

These changing topics have been confirmed in the last years and are still relevant.
After years, we think it’s time to look at Bookless in a new perspective, responding the current requests of the furniture market.