HC28 Seating & tables Collection

Project: “Erika” and “Oskar” Collection
Year: 2020

Seating collection “ERIKA”
We designed the comfortable “Erika” seat-series, with its unique, delicate, flying armrest.
The ergonomic, soft upholstered shell inside stands in contrast to the harder external surface.
Inside the seats are a gentle hug, sustained by sharp outlines with a sharper materiality.
Three-dimensional curves of the armrest and backrest are characterized by a soft transition, giving this object an inviting, harmonious appearance.

Table series “OSKAR”
“Oskar” table collection connects an oriental allure in a European modern as well as traditional style. The defining element is the table frame structure: the particular table legs are positioned visibly on the corners, into which the various table tops gently insert.
The solid wood structure gives the table its stable hold on one side, with selectively conical and rounded shapes: Lightness and elegance.

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